It’s been an interesting weekend so far. Currently, the temperature is 29 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s frosty, clear and beautiful outside, and we are still ensconced under the quilts: 9 am Sunday morning. DW crawled out of bed long enough to microwave the coffee we made last night, and to grab a box of donuts from the hamper – chocolate covered, of course. Frosty morning, warm bed, coffee and chocolate: it doesn’t get any better than this.

Friday afternoon I gassed up the GyrFalcon, then went to have the propane tank filled. we’ve had this camper for almost four years, and never needed to fill the propane tank. All we’ve used it for was heating up the water at night – ten minutes and the water is hot. Shower at night, and enough warm water left for the morning. We don’t full-time in the camper, but we’ve put about 25,000 miles on it, so I’m surprised how long it lasted.

Anyway, the poor guy at the RV place had a difficult time getting the hose attached to the tank. He kept his humor, but wasn’t happy, especially since he had to lie on the cold ground to reach the reach the tank. After ten minutes of fussing, it only took a few seconds for the tank to fill. “You’ve got a small tank,” he mentioned, “only five gallons.”


I apologized for putting him to so much trouble for a small sale, and he just laughed. So, I headed up north to get DW – she was visiting her mother, and since that was on the way we were heading, towards Lima, Ohio, it saved time to pick her up there.

We only drove up I75 for about an hour, and as we were coming into Piqua, decided to stop at Wendy’s for a burger. I took the iPad inside, and we found there was a campground just a few miles down the road – Poor Farmer’s RV and Campground. It’s getting dark early, and it was about six in the evening, so we drove down to get a spot, after calling to make sure someone would be there.

It’s an interesting campground. The woman lives in a trailer next to the camp office, so campers can pull in at any time. She has an aggressive dog named Taco: aggressive, that is, until you scratch him between the ears.

The lady asked us if we wanted to spend another $2 for a sewage hookup – she had one available – and we said, “Yes,” so as to avoid having to stop on the way to dump, but when we go to the site, it was literally wedged between two other large units. The rest of campground – sans sewage attachments – was beautiful, nice spots and relatively empty, so we drove down to a remote spot and plugged in, buttoned up the unit, and enjoyed the quiet dark of the surrounding woods.

We discovered one glitch: the circuit breaker to the electric outlets kept tripping, rather a bane to those wanting to use an electric heater to stay warm overnight. Good thing I’d followed my hunch and filled the propane tank. We set the thermostat to just keep the edge off the cold.

We had the chance to take some photos, but I discovered I had left a cable at home, so I can’t transfer them from the camera. I’ll have to wait until Sunday night to post any images.

We went for a walk, played a game of Scrabble, and eventually we opened up the sofa, laid down the memory foam, sleeping bag, blanket and quilt, and crawled into bed. It was a warm, quiet and blissful night…

… with the occasional cold jolt of reality when we had to leave the warmth of the quilt to make a potty run!