Sunday, the third and final day of our little jaunt to Lima, Ohio, was basically quiet and relaxing. As the original post indicated, we slept late, but then we got up and walked around the campground, and down towards the lake, for about an hour. We meandered back to the campsite, unbuttoned the windows, unplugged the shore power, and headed of for a drive around the area.

Driving around an old resort town in the off-season can be a bit gloomy: all the old stores and restaurants with empty parking lots, run down seasonal campgrounds with now-vacant mobile homes, beaches and playgrounds with no one enjoying the area … In a way it appeals to the introvert inside me, but I also realize that the income of most of the locals depends on the money of tourists.

My donuts had been some time ago, so we were in the town of Russell Point, looking for a place to eat. In one parking lot was a sign advertising freshly grilled chicken, $6.99 with one side, and the cook had a couple of pieces of chicken sizzling on an outdoor grill; but there were no customers about, even though the noon hour had come and gone. We considered turning around and going back – the thought of grilled chicken was particularly tempting – and pulling the camper along the beach for a lakeside picnic, but a small restaurant named Aunt Millie’s caught our eye. A small place, but there were quite a few cars in the parking lot. Mostly locals, I suspected.

When it comes to good eating, always trust the locals.

DW had the perch, and I had the lightly fried chicken, both accompanied by a soup and salad bar. The salad bar was small, but they had the right fixings (IMO), and all the ingredients were fresh. The homemade soups were particularly good – thick and tasty. Even the broccoli soup was excellent, and – to me – the only way to make to make broccoli edible is to cover it with something that completely eliminates its flavor. This time, however, I was suitably impressed.

I don’t remember much of the leisurely drive home: full tummy, warm sun through the windows, the hum of the tires on the road … you know how it is. Since I got out to the camper before DW, I was able to call ‘Shotgun!’ and jump into the navigator’s seat; and since a straight shot down the expressway require little effort from the navigator…

… the ‘thump’ of the curb by our driveway was the only thing to disturb my little siesta. Needless to say, I got the task of unloading the camper.


It was, however, worth it.